Monday, May 6, 2013

Wow it's been too long!

Life does get away from us, since I last posted have been to Mexico and China. Figure at least 19,000 air miles! 

Don't need to see another airline - with or without propellers (yes they do exist still) - any time soon.

My last post was of my "Luv Birds" which I really enjoyed playing with. I must admit doing the feather thing is not easy, getting them glued in and making the wire bail can be rather challenging.  

But I recently took a class with Kim Fields on birds and flowers - wow! It was great! Now I have to find my own voice in what I learned from my teacher Kim...

I like these but I still like my "Luv Birds".

Kind of ironic, have been making birds, I go to China and avoid the bird markets because of the flu.

But I did get to see a few in the Muslim market in Xi'an - a beautiful city, small by China standards, only about 8,000,000 people.

In China, people take there birds outside to the park, and of course you can buy birds at markets. 

It may be hard to see them in their cages on the light post in the picture on the right.

When our group came down the street the vendors took them down and into their shops...

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