Friday, April 25, 2014

OMG! Can not believe it has been that long since I posted anything! 

Short update; a few days after doing that post, I broke my foot.  It was the best break you could have but it still changed my life for 6 weeks. No going up to the studio for the first couple of days followed by being escorted up and down the steps (had to call Chuck to meet me at the steps.

And traveled to Cancun where it was a total of 36 steps up to our condo. It all kept me in shape. I am fortunate that the break was where it was...

At any rate, during this time I read thru past issues of Soda Lime Times for inspiration... I wanted to get up there and be successful quickly. I will have to check on the author of the tutorial and give them credit but here are a few pieces I made based upon her glass combos.

These pieces are currently available at Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale, MI.

            Hopi Maiden                                                                      Amber Swirl Earrings

Amber Swirl Heart 

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