Friday, August 9, 2019

Meet the Silverferns

Had the pleasure of visiting New Zeland this past spring. And became enchanted by Kiwis - the bird. 

A little info on them - kiwis are flightless birds that are native to New Zealand. They are nocturnal and about the size of a chicken. They are hard to spot in the wild and are on the endangered list. 

We saw a pair at at zoo in Napier - or we barely saw a pair. They had low level lighting and you could see a round fuzzy with thin legs and a long beak.

I was inspired by the little guys - there were stuffed animal versions, ceramic, metal versions of them everywhere you looked. 

I was inspired... Meet Kiwi and Wellington Silverfern. The Silver Fern is the national symbol of New Zealand - not going into the details of why - It is also the name of the New Zealand Women's Netball team. 

This is Kiwi Silverfern - an avid fan of the ladies Netball team. Kiwi loves kiwis - the fruit that is.

And this is "Wellington Silverfern" - named after the capital of New Newland.

Though he is a "Silverfern", he supports team Black Ferns - the NZ's senior women's rugby team who are the most dominant team in Women's Rugby World Cup title. If you get a chance - check out the Black Ferns Haka.

There's a lot of New Zealand wrapped up in these little guys! Hope you enjoyed meeting them.

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