Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Work

I've posted this on FaceBook too. It's part of what I am calling my my "Twilight" series. 

It had really grown, It began around Easter time, one flower, two leaves and a bud. 

By July it had grown a second large flower and two more leaves. This October, it has finished blooming. 

Sometimes it's hard to know when to stop - keep going for that matter!

And here are the matching earrings.

The pieces are made from a silver reactive glass. The flowers look blue in the picture below but they do have a metallic shine to them - depending on how the light hits them.

This glass is a challenge at least for me. To obtain the metallic sheen requires heating and reheating the glass as well as changing the flame chemistry (I guess that year of chemistry did have a purpose) from neutral to reducing.

I am also convinced, it involves the position of the planets, phases of the moon and current atmospheric conditions...

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