Friday, October 17, 2014

OK - I have been working in the studio. From window I can see the leaves as they changed color and am watching them as they fall. So I decided to play with different colors.  I pulled out some Opal Yellow frit that I have had for years and added that to the mix.

As I was sorting thru them by color, I found they looked pretty good bunched up. From there, I pulled out my feather collection (you need 3 feathers but have to buy a pack that contains 50!)

And then I remembered I had these little boutonniere holders... they dress everything up.

The downside is my photography - the pics were taken at different times of the day, one using natural light and the others in the evening with halogens. 

But I really wanted to get these up - so forgive the photography - love the dog hair (I have a Dalmatian, why did the black hair have to show up? Why couldn't it have been a white one?)

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