Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A New Friend

While on our trip last fall to the Galapagos, I found myself sketching idea for making a turtle.  

We had seen literally tons of Galapagos tortoises (they weight 400-600 pounds). 

The land tortoises are certainly "interesting" looking, but not very cute and cuddly inspiration. We were told by our guide at the Darwin Institute that Stephen Spielberg had visited the Galapagos a couple of years before the movie ET came out and he was inspired by the tortoises faces for the character of ET.

We were given a very good guide book to keep and it did have some pictures of the sea turtle but I then remembered I had pictures from a previous trip to Cancun and the turtle farm where they collect the sea turtle eggs, protect them after hatching until they are big enough to return to the ocean.

A  long and drawn out way to introduce my newest glass animal friend...
He doesn't have an official name yet. We are torn between Y.A. Turtle but you'd have to be a football fan going back to the 1960's to get it. And there's Yurtle the Turtle but he doesn't remind me of Seuss's Turtle.

We shall see what his name is soon...

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