About the artist

Fire Dance Lampwork Beads & Jewelry
Denise Billups Walker

I spent most of my career teaching middle school art in Detroit,  which I found to be an exciting and challenging assignment. From there I went to the elementary level and taught computer skills to 4th - 6th grade students.

Hard to believe I've been retired for almost 9 years!

I have always been interested in working with hot glass and find that lampwork beadmaking fulfills that desire. There is something hypnotic about working in the flame - it just draws you in. 

I refuse to say how long I've been doing this because I feel it will raise the level expectation!

I have a wonderful husband, Chuck and then there's Shiloe, a beautiful Dalmatian who is now 5 years old and still very "busy." She's my assistant - she's at her best when at doggie day care. I know I should be embarrassed that 5 year dog still goes to day care but it keeps her busy and that is a very, very good thing.

And even though she's not with us any more, I have to add my first studio "assistant" - Vangie.

"Army's Prize Evangeline"
March 14, 1994 - April 16, 200

I love what I do and there is so much more glass exploration I want to do!  So many new materials and tools become available everyday!

Am looking forward to 2013. There will be travel - we've done Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for probably 22 years and we are off to China this spring - can't wait!