Thursday, February 1, 2018

Inspiration in the Wildest Places

Last September, we were fortunate enough to go to the Galapagos Islands and experience the wonderful creature that inhabit the islands. 

We were told not to go within 5 feet of the animals (the animals and everything on the islands is protected - including the stones) We we amused because on several occasions the animals were as close as in "you humans are going to have to step over me cause we're not moving."

At any rate, I fell in love with the Boobys. 

There are 3 kinds, the Blue-footed Booby, the Red-Footed Booby and the Nazca Booby.

Have tons of pictures - we watched a mating dance and they paid no attention to us.

I purchased a couple of figurines of the Blue=Footed Booby for inspiration. One was very realistic and the other was more "whimsical". 
Guess which one was my biggest inspiration - the funny one.

So here is my take - on the Blue-Footed Booby. HIs title is "Scooby Dooby Blue" - think Frank Sinatra.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Happy Belated New Year

November and December were busy months - November included two major shows and of course Thanksgiving. Then off to Cancun for a week and home to Christmas preparations.

January I got to head to Boston to meet up with a friend. The weather was OK but got better as the week went on. I got to visit the Harvard Art Museums among other places. I was able to see some paintings Had only seen in books. 

But I was blown away by a box of post cards in the gift shop - which I bought of course.

I will looking for more information on his early art work - and will be posting more photos shortly along with the artist name.

And will be adding some of my new work for the New Year,

Friday, October 13, 2017

Busy October

Bead Bonanza is this Sunday, October 15th, at the Southfield Civic Center. The show begins at 10 and runs until 5. I will be with Candy Orow and with some of Joy Cichewicz's computer printed earring findings - which are pretty cool - at the Fire Foxes booth.
"Our Town Show & Sale"

Also, I will have 5 pieces of jewelry at the "Our Town Art Show and Sale" at The Community House in Birmingham, MI.  

It's a short show, October 20 - 22 but it is a big show and showcases the work of a lot of Michigan artists.

"Our Town Art Show & Sale"

Monday, October 2, 2017


This promises to be a busy month for me. My finished work will be in two shows month - Our Town Art Show & Sale at the Community Livonia Fire Arts Exhibition in Livonia.

Our Town is probably the shortest gallery exhibition around - from Thursday night, October 20 thru Saturday, October 22. It fills most of the Community House! 

It is the biggest fund raiser and contains a lot of local art. I will have several pieces of new jewelry in the show. I have done this show for probably 7 years.

The Livonia Fine Arts Exhibition is a new show for me. I decided to work on showing my finished work. This show runs from October 2 thru the 28. It is located in the Bennett Civic Center Library, Fine Arts Gallery. Unfortunately, I don't have a graphic for them.

Two of my feathered friends will be on display there - "Valentine" and "Valiant".

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Home From BeadFest

The Fire Foxes Made it Home-

Our drive to Oaks, PA was uneventful and we arrived earlier than usual - no rush hour traffic!

Sadly, I took only one picture of the table and it doesn't do it justice. Joy's lights are eye-catching as well as our corner glass case.

It was so good to see our old friends and to make new ones. There were some long time friends who we didn't see and missed very much.

The show went well, though on Friday, a major storm went thru - fortunately, it was over by the time we were done for the day and were able to enjoy dinner, shopping and a relaxing drink in Phoenixville. (great shopping there!)

On our return to Michigan on Monday, we pulled over on the side of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, put on our eclipse glasses and enjoyed the view.  Got back in our car, drove a few miles and saw some folks on the side sharing glasses - we stopped and gave them ours!

Thanks to our friends who came by and shopped with us and those who just came by and said "hi". Hope to see everyone next year!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Newest members of the Flock

Today I managed to finish up work on the 3 newest members of the flock - Suess the Duce, Maverick and Bonnie Blue - just in time to make the trip to Bead Fest Philly.

First up is Suess the Duce, he is the younger brother of Suess who was the first of my mini-birds.

Second is Maverick"  who is on the left. It's hard to see it in the photo but he is wearing goggles which are copper electo-formed around his eyes. The "copper" disks in his neck are also electro-formed as well as his little boots.  
  He began when the "Junior Bird Man" song started playing in my mind. I figured something kind of goofy, then the idea of the goggles, the combat boots and finally the copper plating.

But he ended up looking too serious and one night when I was working on him the was a piece about "Top Gun" and Tom Cruise and "he" decided he was "Maverick" - who am I to argue.

And lastly, ˆBonnie Blue. She makes me think of a sweet Southern belle.
Enough for now -

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bead Fest Philly

Bead Fest Philly

The Fire Foxes, Joy and I will be at the Bead Expo again this year.
The show runs August 18 -19, 10 AM - 6 PM and Sunday, August 20 from 10 AM - 5 PM.

We will be in Artists Row again this year - Booth 550.

Will be posting some pictures of our new work but for now I want to give you a $5 weekend pass for the Bead Expo.

We hope to see you there!