Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monkey Business

 Behind on the blog again and Etsy of course. But here's something I haven't done in awhile - a monkey.

Introducing, Chef Pierre. He's wearing his chef toque, white smock with black trim and buttons, black pants and white gym shoes.  (I should add a red dot to signify Converse shoes in honor of my son-in-law the chef. No Chef Pierre is not model after him). He's about 3 inches tall from his shoes to his toque, not counting the copper wire work.

And since he's a chef, he needs 'accouterments' - french for 'stuff'. (Ah, all those years of studying french in school are paying off!!!).

I had been making veggie beads but the chef needs more stuff so here it is!
Have to confess, am loving the french bread and since this picture, my wine bottles have improved in their shape.

Chef Pierre and his accoutrements will be appearing on Etsy soon.  Aurevoir for now...

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