Saturday, June 4, 2011

Getting ready for Bead & Button

The heat is on as the song goes... the torch has been humming and I'm trying to sort, price and organize my trays.  I will fret over this until the car is loaded.  In the great scheme of life, it's really not a biggie but always seems to be at the time.

Chef Pierre's sous chef will be at the show as well as a full company of 'accouterments'.  Doing this grouping has been a lot of fun I only worry no one else will get as much of a kick from them as I did making them!

But I have been doing something more sublime as well - I guess to counter the ridiculous, "Chef Pierre Monkee".

Here a a couple of simple tab sets that I enjoyed doing.  Love playing with frit.  For non-glass workers, frit is crushed or even ground color glass that is added to a piece to give it color and texture. It can be used as a background or simply on it's own.
Blue Hawaii
Hawaiian Sunset
Nothing fancy, but I like the colors and textures... I can see them in bracelets for sun wear...

So incase I don't get back to the blog, if you're there, come meet me at Bead &Button in Milwaukee next week, booth 1018, it's the Glass Act booth but we're listed as 'SE MI Glass Beadmakers Guild'.

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