Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Home Again - return from Baltimore

Well, another show is under our belt - the Best Bead Show in Baltimore in Hunt Valley, Maryland.  Very beautiful area, the Marriott where the show as held was lovely and I got to meet some great new vendors with really cool stuff - more on that to come.

I feel like I had just recovered from the trip to Milwaukee only to be packing up and on the road again. But road trips are fun in their own way. So off Joy and I went, leaving Kathleen and her broken ankle at home to mend.

We battled torrential rain and road construction but made it safe and sound to our destination, only to discover (clue the creepy music) "the incline of doom" that served as the loading ramp for the lower ballroom where we were going to be located.

Pictures will not to justice to the 60 degree or greater slope. Add to this high, narrow concrete walls and a long drive, plus a line to drive down to unload and you have a nightmare in the making...

A decision was made NOT to attempt to drive down this monster so we used our dollies and hand trucks to move everything down... More to come...

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