Friday, January 20, 2012

Class with Sara Sally Le Grand

Last week - and it's hard to believe it's been that long ago - I took a fantastic class with Sara Sally Le Grand.

I came away so inspired - more ideas than I can fabricate any time soon.

Sara is a wonderful instructor, full of information and more than willing to share with us. And the way her class was set up, we actually had time to work on making pieces. And she was available to help if you had a question or a problem.

I love her work - it's so organic not just the color but the shapes.

Here's the piece I bought from her -

There were so many wonderful pieces it was difficult to choose.  The title of this piece is
"Louie Batton". She made it in honor of a bat that was in the convention center in Louisville at the "ISGB Gathering "conference last year.

Too bad you can't see the bat wings in this picture.

In my next entry, I'll post my piece - maybe even PIECES!

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