Friday, January 27, 2012

Sara Sally Le Grand -Part II

Here's Part II on my Sara Sally La Grand class - can't believe it's been two weeks ago!

The way our class was set up, there were two parts - the first day was lampwork - learning how to make the components for the final pieces we were making. I did that on Friday, then on Sunday we all came back to learn how to assemble everything.

That gave me Friday night and all day Saturday be the over-achiever and make lots of parts

I decided to focus on a color scheme to cut down on my design issues when the time came. It turned out to be a very dramatic one - red, white and black.

So here is my "final" for the class. The picture on the left shows how it was designed to be worn...

But is was pointed out that if you turned it to the side, it looks like a carnal mask!

I have a great time playing with the shapes and forms. This is definitely not a piece to wear in a "hugging" situation.

I want to figure a way to display this in a shadow box so it can be enjoyed when it's not being worn.

Have been asked about the size, 6 inches from point to point.  Not for the faint of heart...

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