Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shop Play Love

Last Thursday, Chuck and I headed down to the Eastern Market to buy some plants and flowers and then over to Bert's Place to find out about who was playing that evening.

On our way to Bert's, we past a cute shop with tables outside and a nice lady who handed us business cards and encouraged us to come back after visiting Bert's.

To cut to the chase, we did come back, loved the shop - Shop, Play, Love - loved the lady, Vinetta -
and I ended up bringing some of my work down for her shop the very next day.

Since that Sunday was Flower Day - I sent her lots of flower jewelry.

It is a great place, Shop, Play, Love 2739 Russell St across from the Eastern Market and next to Bert's Place. A really neat shop with unusual items in it and many from local artists.
Here are a few of the floral pieces I have in her shop.

There are also matching earring a few more florals that my photography doesn't do justice to...

Have ideas for more Detroit based pieces for down the road.

Their website -

I am excited to have my work in "The Big D".

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