Saturday, February 11, 2012

New pieces

I am continuing to explore what I learned in my last class.  My goal is to "make it my own". But while on this journey I have had a great time playing with shapes, form and color.

This is the second piece I made on my own after the class.  I was using the extra pieces that I made.

I really like this one too.  It's more "wear-able", about 6 inches across.  I have worn it twice to test drive it.

This one, is much smaller. I had a friend of mine on my mind when I made it...

It's about 3 inches tall.  It can be rotated to it's side as well.  I think it's cute and also quite"wear-able".

I have been asked about the weight of these pieces. They can get kind of heavy but I wore the above piece with a knit cotton blazer without any problem. Gauzy silk - no way!!!

These pieces are currently at Lawrence Street Gallery. Eventually I will get them up on

But for now, am working hard to prepare for  Bead Bonanza and BeadFest SantaBeadFest Santa Fe Fe next month!

And I am working on matching earrings and rings to go with these pieces.

I am having too much fun!!!!

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