Saturday, February 18, 2012

What have I been up to?

I have been feverishly making beads to prepare for our two up-comming shows. If you need spacer sets come on over and see me at Fire Foxes Glass in March! I make spacer sets as warm-ups to bead making or before  playing with a new color. So as a result, there are lots of spacer set in new colors.

Even though we have been blessed by a warm and sunny winter here in south-eastern Michigan - I know I am ready to "think spring" and I think these pieces are pretty "springy" (is that a word?)

Fairy Necklace - Spring  
I call these "Fairy Neckpieces".  They are lampwork leaves, flowers and crystals built on silver-plated neckpiece. They are comfortable to wear and I try to keep these light and delicate in their design. I tend to believe that if one is good, 3 is better and 5 is fantastic.

Fairy Neckpiece - Bridal Tears 
Matching earrings are available. Both pieces are available at Lawrence Street Gallery.

They will also be at Bead Bonanza on March 8th - not so sure about Santa Fe as we have REALLY limited space.

I will have the components to make your own piece at both shows. And of course you can contact me, Fire Dance Lampwork

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