Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Return from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Good to be back home after being away for two weeks.  Wish I could say the weather was perfect - it wasn't.  We had several days of clouds, over cast skies, and in some cases, downpours.

But there's a rainbow in there somewhere... and here's the picture. For some reason, the picture appears darker than it should...

But at least it was warmer than at home in Michigan and when it was cloudy, there were still palm trees and beautiful tropical flowers to enjoy.

And it was nice coming home to nice weather, including sunshine which makes the transition so much easier.

But now, it's time to hit the torch in preparation for our two bead shows - Bead Bonanza, Sunday, March 11 and our newest adventure - BeadFest Santa Fe, March 15- 18.

I will of course be with my fellow Fire Foxes at the Fire Foxes Glass booths.

So there are many beads to make to prepare for both shows with a small downtime in between.

Here is another piece inspired by my last class.  I call it
"Martian Flutter-by".  It reminds me of an abstract butterfly - gee, and I just got back from a vacation...

It is much prettier in person.  It is a broach and about 4 inches by 4 inches.

This piece is currently available at Lawrence Street Gallery.

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