Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer life

Raised Garden Beds
Summer is here in full force - I reflect on what I have done for the past 4 weeks and am hard pressed to be able to say what I have accomplished...

Husband recovered from knee replacement and doing very well. I still do certain things that require lifting, carrying and walking on uneven surfaces.

So I have tended the vegetable gardens, our raised beds and daughter's tomato patch (when she's not able to). There will be much salsa and tomato sauce this fall!
Tomato Patch

I continue to explore my Hopi figures - no pics at this time. And have been working on a glass show for next month at the Lawrence Street Gallery in Ferndale - and trying to get a couple of new things together for that.

The heat wave of last week did little to encourage studio work - even with air conditioning it was still a bear.

And I have been doing a lot of basic stuff for the upcoming show in Philly next month.

So I promise to get some bead and jewelry stuff up here soon!!!

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