Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's August

It's August and I can't believe it! Busy time in so many respects.

The garden has taken off.  Yesterday I picked 8 large tomatoes. The green beans are growing beautifully and let's not talk about the squash...

But on the glass side - I have been playing and experimenting...

But most importantly, I am part of a glass show at Lawrence Street Gallery. It's a really nice show and some great glass pieces that are reasonable too. The show runs through the end of August, the gallery is located in Ferndale.

Here is something new I tried - a Fairy Garden.  I have always loved the idea of fairies, trolls, and elves since I was a little girl.  And I was into miniatures for many years. So I guess this was the next step.

I have done 2 so far - both at the gallery - and was given some ideas for additional ones.  Now let's see if anyone likes them enough to purchase...

And I have some other items there as well - my "Autumn" piece.
It's kind of on the large size but very comfortable to wear.

Plus two pieces of jewelry based upon my Hope Maiden beads.  Hope to get some pictures of those taken soon.

But it's time to head to the garden and pick some veggies...

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