Thursday, October 18, 2012


First, thank you to all of you who I have seen or met at my last 3 show, in Hamburg, MI. at Our Town in Birmingham and at Bead Bonanza in Southfield.

So much to say and so much more to do.

Most important right now is an exhibit of work, Synergy, a collaborative Competition presented by Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild and Southeastern Michigan Glass Beadmakers Guild.  It is taking place at The City Gallery in Farmington Hills.

It contains 18 beautiful beaded pieces that combine the beadworking talents of the Great Lakes guild with the lampworking skills of SMGBG or, Glass Act.

The show runs from September 24th - November 11, 2012.

All of this to say that my partner, Karen Mc Cormick and I won first place for wearable art.  My hat is off to her.  She had the vision and I'd like to think I helped to get her there.

Here is a picture - which does it no justice at all...
Hometown Detroit - photo by Sylvus Tarn
We talked about what she had and how she wanted to use the pieces.  It's built on a seat belt "belt".  I really love the Zoo Key - I remember them from being a kid and I can still sing the song from the commercial.

She would ask if I could make something and I went and tried to make the piece.

The little pop bottles were easy to do.  Love the little labels on them.

The cars are funky and fun - there are no little people in them however :-(

Something to work towards in the future.

Enjoyed doing mini hot fudge sundaes, yum!

Ironically, getting 2 wheels that were close in size was a toughie.  But Karen made it work! 

Love the 45RPM convertors for hubcaps.  do you realize an entire generation have no idea of what these are or what they were for? 

 Just in time for the play-offs.

Doing that bat wasn't too hard but figuring out the baseball glove and ball took a few minutes.

I will be making these again!

But somewhere on there is a pretty cool little gnome who is about 1 1/4 inches tall.

There he is!

I must confess I impressed myself on that one! Unfortunately, there are a bunch of really little,
ugly gnomes sitting in a little box on my work station...

And I would be remiss not to mention my second partner and her beautiful piece,  Char Reese-Oxford and her wonderful and wearable piece, Motown Reflections.  

Unfortunately, the picture does it no justice - it is so hard to capture the shine and glimmer you get from glass but Sylvus did a great job.

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