Saturday, October 27, 2012

Winter Wonders is coming, Nov 2nd.

Will keep this short, much work to do! Am preparing for Glass Act's annual holiday show, Winter Wonders.  

It's next Saturday, November 3rd at the Birmingham Unitarian Church in Bloomflield Hills. It runs from 10 - and there is an admission of $3.  But refreshments and parking are free and it really is a great show.  

It's a fun time with lots of great glass work and good energy.

There will be holiday themed pieces as well as my "more regular" work. And I will have some glass ornaments as well.

Am going to try to take some pics of my new stuff today but to be honest, I would rather be making stuff!

And there might be another show I am doing that will run November thru December - details to come.

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