Monday, July 6, 2015

Meet Milagra

This is not lampwork but it is my creative side in a different medium.

Last February while in Puerto Vallarta I took a doll workshop at ART VallARTA. Rebecca Roth of Original Friends ( was our instructor and guide.

Her name Milagra, milagro is Spanish for "miracle" -  and I just finished her last night.(that was it's own miracle!)

We  started with a fabric form, from there you were on your own. I painted the entire body of mine, the cloth for the underskirt and myself. Of course I did the her face as well.

I knew I wanted to incorporate something "Mexican" into the doll and thought of milagros - religious folk charms that you see thru out Mexico.

Her skirt is decorated with the milagros and she has one at her throat.

I am happy with her, though I may add some more milagros.

You can never have too many miracles.

Check out their website, theirs is a wonderful and heartwarming story. 

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  1. I love her Denise! And I think the idea of the Milagros was genius. You know how much I adore the culture to begin with so sewing them into her skirt was perfect. Yes indeed, there can never be too many miracles.